Spirit of the Basket

      Like the sweet smell of Spring, the journey to complete the "Grandfather Cuts loose the Ponies" monument is in the breeze.  Through time there are many stories to be told and many songs to be written.  We now have an opportunity to join together and share in completion of this monument by  building the basket.  It represents all that is of a positive nature in the universe.  The mother earth is a living entity and we are woven into that fabric by our very existence.

     The "Little Blue Ball In Space" concept coined by astronomer Carl Sagan has always given peace to mind, as the nature of the universe includes all living things... everything is a part of the whole.  In the Wild Horse Monument, the basket is the visual embodiment of creation, as we are all manifestations of energy and of the same beating  heart.  This story I am telling is just a simple awareness...we are all of the same tribe in the cosmos.  Our Milky Way galaxy is a spiraling wheel in an infinite universe...and we are residents...all of us...of the great wheel tribe.

     There was once a wise old Sioux native man who said, "May the great mystery bring sunrise to your heart."  I have always respected first nations people for their understanding the responsibility of honoring and care taking of our shared planet.  On this basket we put our shared energy together as different native artists have accepted joining me placing their imagery on the basket.  There is nothing more profound than dreams that live on through time...to effect positive change and build on a healthy balance with the mother earth.